The National League Trust

PrintThe Football Conference Trust supports community programmes at clubs who are members of the three divisions of the National League. This support comes in the form of grant aid and development advice. Our aim is to encourage every National League club to become involved in their community.

Projects range from music, dance and other arts activities, encouraging volunteering, work with young people not in education or training (NEETs), helping disability groups to play sport, and creating educational initiatives for both adult and children – including literacy and numeracy programmes. There has been work with isolated community groups, green projects, information about healthy eating and lifestyle, and working in partnership with schools to deliver football coaching and other initiatives.

Our grant aid programme is made possible by the generous support of the Trust’s funding partners: the Premier League and the Professional Football Association. In October 2010 both bodies committed to contribute £400,000 each a year for three years to the Trust – giving a total fund of £2.4m. They renewed and increased this support in 2013 for a further three year. So far, they have contributed £5.2m to the Trust.

The Trust has awarded grants totalling £4.092m to 84 clubs for over 260 different projects costing £7.85m. Over £3.6m has been attracted into these programmes from sources outside football – from other grants, sponsorship and partners.

“The creation of the charity has given a tremendous boost to National League clubs, many of whom have been working with their local communities for several years, mostly supported from their own funds. We hope that the support that the Trust can give will allow more clubs to grow and sustain their work. We do not underestimate the important part football has to play in helping local people improve their lives – through sport, volunteering and education. The Football Conference Trust allows us to encourage more worthwhile projects.

Brian Lee Chairman of the Trust”